Zion Ministries Philippines is a parachurch teaching organization. This means we serve and work alongside the existing Filipino churches, not seeking to build our own churches or denominations. We are Pentecostal or Full-Gospel in Biblical understanding and experience, yet are non-sectarian in serving the Body of Christ. Through our Bible schools, publications and seminars, we are helping to build up God's people, especially those called to Christian leadership.

As the Philippines is called of God to be active in international missions, we are doing much more than just helping to build up the national body of Christ. We are also reaching out and enabling Filipino servants of God to be fruitful in many nations.

Zion Ministries' theme Bible quote is taken from Luke 1:17, "To make ready a people prepared for the Lord." While this quote refers to John the Baptist's ministry to prepare the way before the coming of Christ, it is also prophetic for those who are now called of God to help prepare God's people for the Second Coming of Christ. Towards this mission, we have dedicated our lives.

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