Consider starting a ZMI Bible School in your Church!

  • At very low cost, our books and materials can be used to start a Bible School in your Church.
  • Individuals can also study directly with us through these correspondence courses.
  • An opportunity to prepare for Christian service through your own home studies, from the same Bible classes taught at ZMI schools around the world.
  • A set of courses that are anointed, edifying and life-changing: written by internationally recognized men of God.
  • An emphasis on the Scriptures themselves and their relevance to everyday life.

To apply for these correspondence studies in your church, you can apply online or download the hardcopy application form.


Certificate of Theology I

This program is designed to ground a believer in the fundamentals of the faith and in a spiritual walk with the Lord. Upon completion, a Certificate of Theology I will be granted from Zion Ministerial Institute.

Certificate of Theology II

Course Two completes the second level of the study of Theology. Through this level the student has started to gain a well-rounded understanding both of the Word of God and of His ways, to equip the graduate for fruitful ministry. These two courses contain 24 subjects and allow the student to gain a Certificate of Theology II from Zion Ministerial Institute.


The syllabus for these programs includes:

1. Christian Growth - Spiritual maturity and vision, the ministries of the Holy Spirit, marriage and family, and much more.

2. Practical Ministries - How to preach, lead music and worship, and be prepared for many other church ministries.

3. Doctrine - Learn all the doctrines of the Bible, including Prophecy (end-time subjects), Typology (New Testament truths revealed in the Old Testament) and much more.



Certificate of Theology I

Certificate of Theology II

(Twelve Subjects - in any order) (Twelve Subjects - optional topics
can be replaced for 3 subjects)
1. The Life of Christ 1. The Gospel of John
2. The Holy Spirit 2. The Book of Acts
3. Hope of the Christian 3. The Tabernacle of Moses
4. Romans 4. Homiletics - How to Preach
5. The Book of Joshua 5. The Book of Revelation
6. The Journey of Israel 6. Ephesians
7. The Book of Hebrews 7. Marriage and Family
8. Repentance 8. Hermenuetics
9. Faith 9. The Book of Genesis
10. Music and Worship 10. The Book of Job
11. True Christianity 11. Angels - Good and Bad
12. Church History 12. Preparing for Revival


The teachers who have written the subjects are mature men of God such as:

Rev. Brian Bailey, Ph.D., D.D. - with over 50 years of worldwide ministry, Dr. Bailey ministered in over 80 nations and authored over 55 books.

Rev. Norman Holmes, B.Th., M.Th. - has published over 400,000 copies of the books and magazines in 17 languages. he directs several Bible schools and conducts pastors's seminars in many nations.

Rev. Paul Caram, Ph.D. - is a pastor and an international author and Bible teacher who has edited and or written over 25 books.


Registration - P100.00


  1. If studied by computer with a CD copy of the books: P500 for the CD copy of all the 12 books & their homework, plus P50 for each subject submitted by email for grading by ZMI. (However, your church may grade it for free instead).
  2. If studied with ZMI books purchased by your church as materials for your church library: no cost for each subject, but a possible small charge from your local church for homework printing and grading. All grading done by ZMI will be charged P50 for each subject.

Graduation and Certificate - P250.00

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